Case Study 4

Customer – Government Agencies (via Government Appointed Software Provider)


The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) consists of MHA
Headquarters, 7 Home Team departments and 3 statutory
boards, and is known collectively as the Home Team.
We work as One Home Team, in close partnership
with the community, to keep Singapore safe and secure.


To Design, Develop a Complete solution with fully
customized and integrated solutions with
Infolog IMS/AMS, WCS, AMP (Software, Hardware
and equipment) for 2 government agencies


+ Reduce the time taken to complete the daily activities
via the fully operational and integrated system
+ Increase productivity of handling the activities
+ Provide visibility of the agencies assets and
inventory allocated and assigned to the officers


Enhance, Improve and Automate to provide
a fully secured and operational system
with integration with various automation
hardware for agencies officer to carry
out their daily activities