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Infolog WMS (Warehouse Management System)

What is Infolog WMS (Warehouse Management System)?

Infolog Pte. Ltd. once again #simplifyinglogisticsandsupplychain by providing solutions featuring WMS or Warehouse Management System technology, which will help you manage your warehouse. 

Under the Infolog Logistics Suite, Infolog WMS is the best warehouse management system, which makes it easier for you to process goods in the warehouse, from receiving goods from suppliers to making deliveries to customers. 

Infolog WMS benefits are provided for logistics and supply chain operations, including simplified processes and easy-to-use applications, which are guaranteed to increase the efficiency and visibility of your operations.

Not only can it be used in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry, Infolog WMS can be used in any industry, including F&B (Food and Beverages), Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Fashion, e-Commerce, Cold Chain, Automotive, and many more. 

Infolog WMS (Warehouse Management System) Features 

The features contained in the Infolog WMS include: 

  • Complete Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities 
  • Labor management 
  • Tracking of the expiry date, batch number/ lot number, serial number, and other inventory attributes 
  • Configurable UOMs (Unit of Measure)  
  • Electronic and manual ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) 
  • System-directed putaway 
  • Inventory status management 
  • Repacking 
  • Cycle counting 
  • Dynamic order allocation and sophisticated product rotation rules capabilities 
  • Picking strategy and pick path management 
  • Wave picking 
  • Pick a line, fine-pick configurability 
  • Replenishment 
  • Bonded warehouse and associated reporting 
  • Graphical rendering of warehouse layout 
  • Document and image file storage and management 
  • Multiple languages within a single database instance 

Infolog WMS (Warehouse Management System) Technologies

Infolog WMS supports the following technology to improve productivity and accuracy in the warehouse: 

  • RF (Radio Frequency) barcode scanning hardware 
  • RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) readers and antennas 
  • Voice-picking hardware 

Built with the latest technology, Infolog WMS provides solutions that can be chosen for Cloud or On-Premise installations that suit your business model.  

Infolog WMS unique deployment methodology guarantees a quick and successful implementation. 

Infolog WMS, The Best Warehouse Management System in Singapore

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INFOLOG WMS (Warehouse Management System)


How long is required to implement a project, such as WMS solution?

The implementation period depends on the scale and complexity of the project. In general, our project implementations complete in 3 months or less. However, some bigger scale projects can take from 6 to 12 months. We are able to provide a more accurate estimation once we understand your requirements.

Does your WMS support 3PL/4PL?

Yes. INFOLOG WMS is built with 3rd-Party Logistics capabilities and features including 3PL Billing such as storage charges, receiving/picking/shipping handling charges and more.

Can your WMS work with barcode scanners?

Yes. INFOLOG WMS has RF Handheld Scanner module that integrates seamlessly with INFOLOG WMS via Wi-Fi connection.

Is your WMS 100% web-based?

Yes. INFOLOG WMS is 100% web-based thin client.

Can it support other languages beside English?

Yes. We support languages other than English. Translation may be required for languages currently unavailable.

How do you support clients in countries without your support team?

Our support teams are able to support remotely through remote connection software such as Teamviewer or Skype. We are also working on expanding our presence with offices now in Singapore, Malaysia,  Indonesia and Vietnam.

Are you able to support clients in a different timezone?


Can your solutions work on Cloud?


Which warehousing business model can your solutions work together with?

Our solutions can work with different business models below:

  1. Manufacturer/Distributor/Brand Owner E-Commerce Warehousing
  2. Manufacturer/Distributor/Brand Owner Retail Warehousing
  3. Warehousing Transition Warehousing
  4. Bonded Warehousing